Welcome to Action Administrative Services

Statistics show student loan debt is over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS second only to home mortgages in the type of consumer debt. It is estimated that over 100 BILLION DOLLARS is delinquent or in default. Furthermore the average college graduate has over $28,000 in debt at graduation.

Action Administrative Services does only one thing – assists consumers in understanding what programs are available to help with their student loan debt problem and then the preparation, filing, and tracking of their federal student loan consolidation application. Our energetic and knowledgeable staff will help you evaluate your loans and the options you have to repay them. The evaluation is free and painless! If you choose to use our services we take care of the rest.

Potential Benefits From Federal Repayment Assistance

  • Qualify for income based Monthly Payments
  • Save 60% or MORE on your monthly payment
  • Free no obligation consultation and debt analysis
  • Qualify for student loan forgiveness
  • Benefit from government programs
  • Multiple student loan consolidation solutions available
  • Parent plus loans may qualify